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Tap Water Purifier
Tap Water Purifier
Tap Water Purifier
Tap Water Purifier
Tap Water Purifier

Tap Water Purifier

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Do you want clean and safe water in your house/apartment?

Our Tap Water Purifier has been the answer to thousands of our customer's prayers. It has allowed them to live safer lives not only for themselves but their friends and family as well.

It is estimated that there is up to 316 contaminants in your tap water that can be slowly killing you every day. Instead of buying huge cases of bottled water which will only harm the environment eventually just purchase a few of our Tap Water Purifiers for your home and see the reap the rewards of safer water.

 The Tap Water Purifier also helps to reduce splashing so you can save water as well. 

How does it work?

Zeolite: cleanses and chlorine, and other heavy metal impurities.

Calcium nitrate: absorbs organic compounds, toxic metal ions and harmful bacteria and viruses

Activated carbon: Clears out chlorine, odour and a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in water.

PVC non-woven filter layer: filtered water in the iron slag, sediment, suspended solids and visible impurities


1.Material: Activated carbon, Calcium sulfite, Zeolite, PVA nonwovens
2.Size: Suitable for 21-23mm diameter of the Faucet

How to use
Clean the faucet and force the flexible pouches directly.

1.Please avoid using under hot water for a long time.Below 50℃ is recommended.
2.The first time using, because of the carbon, black water will fall from it. After Letting out
the water 5-10 seconds,then it can work well.
3.Life span:Based on the quality of water, 1-2 month in normal for every day use.

Shipping Details

  • Shipping to the U.S   10-21 days
  • International Shipping   2-4 weeks